TXP The TXP is a touchscreen-driven telephone that allows user access to all switch resources from a single instrument.
IST-2 The IST-2 is a 50-line-button desk/wall-mounted telephone instrument that serves as the user interface to Raytheon digital switching systems.
2151 The Telecore 2151 IP video phone enables V2 (voice + video) communications over secure/nonsecure IP networks.
TLE The TLE unit is a 50-button touchscreen panel used in conjunction with a TXP to increase the number of line buttons available to TXP users.
ILE The ILE unit is a 50-button expansion panel used in conjunction with an IST-2 to increase the number of line buttons available to IST-2 users.
MDA The MDA has been designed to be a functional replacement for the DTA and DPA.
MSD-A The MSD-A provides Milstar Secure Voice Conferencing in support of the National Command Authority mission.
UMUX III The UMUX III services 23 remote Raytheon proprietary CCSS phones over a copper, fiber or MIL-188-114 network interface.
MDA Rack
2/4/6/8/10 Slot
19-inch rack-mountable assemblies that provide mechanical housing for up to ten MDA units or KIV-7 devices.
RCH The RCH is an aircraft rack-mount HMI device that provides a remote control interface for configuring and controlling the FAA version of the MSD.