The UMUX III is a third-generation UMUX device that combines the functionality of the UMUX II with the new functionality of a Digital Phone Multiplexer. This functionality is an enhanced version of Raytheon’s legacy DPM-1 Digital Phone Multiplexer. The legacy DPM-1 extended UDLT phone service for up to 16 phones from the main switch using a Limited Bandwidth T1 (LBT1) interface.

The UMUX III provides UDLT phone service for up to 23 phones, allowing configuration of the interface to the main switch (Ingress link). The Ingress link can be configured to be any three electrical T1 interfaces, the Fiber Optic interface or the MIL-188-144 interface. Additionally, the UMUX III can be configured to provide remote service to instruments located on a “cascaded” UMUX III by defining an Egress link and defining the interfaces to be “passed” to the remote UMUX III.


  • Supports up to 23 Raytheon digital phones
  • No external DC power supply needed
  • UMUX III master timing derived from a UDLT link, T1 or extended timing source (1.544 MHz)
  • Front-panel display with buttons shows alarms and allows for configuration
  • Provides three network interfaces: Long/Short-Haul T1, Fiber, MIL-188-114
  • MIL-188-114 network interface provides contact closure crypto resync
  • Autoranging AC input 90-264 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz




Product Revision
Telecore P/N 2AA-00050-0010
Latest Revision 2SH-00002-0700
Distribution 2SH-00002-0700 UMUX III

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